New Cursillistas
Non-Catholic Cursillos



Lay Director
Tim Haney


Assistant Lay Director

Spiritual Directors
Fr. Ed (Skip) Littelmann      Fr. Jim Brown     Sr. Edna Michel     

School of Leaders
John & Karen Bonen - Rectors
Team: George & Carol Miller, Bruce & Joan Alge, Sharon DeCant

(Candidate & Sponsor Applications)  Mary Ann Hohman
(Team Applications) Bill Obringer

Post Cursillo
(Closings, Holy Hour, Witnesses) 
Joe Coleman
Team: Helen Coleman

Joan Alge

Deb Bartlett-Karbowiak

Phil & Amy Hoffman

Chris Powers

   Ark Newsletter - Chris Powers
   Cursillo Website - Bruce Alge
   Prayer Vine - Barb Grycza

Hispanic Representative
Ramiro & Carol Martinez, Juanita Ybanes

Regional Reps  
Bernie Rumschlag

Secretariat Ministry Position Descriptions


The Lay Director, in consultation with the Spiritual Advisors, will convoke, preside at, prepare and direct agendas for all meetings of the Secretariat.  The Lay Director will do everything possible to promote a spirit of unity, not only among the members of the Secretariat, but in the Schools of Leaders and throughout the whole diocesan Cursillo Movement.  The Lay Director will see to it that members of the Secretariat fulfill their assigned duties.  In addition, the Lay Director will insure that an annual report and interim reports will be provided to the bishop with the approval of the Secretariat.  The Lay Director shall serve for a term of three (3) years non-renewable.  
                           - The Toledo Diocesan Cursillo Movement By-Laws, 2009 revision

Qualifications   The Lay Director will have extensive experience within the Movement, having served on Cursillo teams, area cores, and having held at least one Secretariat position.  He/she will exhibit a solid understanding and appreciation of the Movement, and live the Cursillo methodology.  Normally, the lay director will have served as assistant lay director before assuming the responsibility of Lay Director.

Apostolate The Diocesan Lay Director’s primary role is to protect and promote the Cursillo vision and mentality so that the diocesan movement in both the English and Spanish language groups remains authentic. He/she is to help encourage Cursillistas in both the Spanish and English arms of the Cursillo Movement within the diocese to live the method. The Lay Director guides the Secretariat and School of Leaders to a better understanding and appreciation of the movement and helps look for better ways to serve the diocesan community.


     1.     Makes this role of leadership his/her primary apostolate.

     2.     Oversees the preparation and implementation of the three-year Pastoral Plan.

     3.     Prepares the agenda and meets regularly with Secretariat to determine the
status of the School of Leaders, teams, selection of candidates, and all
             aspects of the Movement’s authenticity.

     4.     Helps the diocesan chairpersons know what their specific Secretariat position
             involves, and encourages each one to do his/her best.

     5.     Delegates tasks and holds members of Secretariat accountable for their
             particular sections.

     6.     Insures that both language groups are represented on Secretariat.

     7.     Insures that both English and Spanish Cursillo weekends are scheduled and

     8.     Oversees the selection of rectors and assistant rectors of teams, in
             collaboration with Secretariat; normally by a consensual process.

     9.     Oversees the setting up of formats for general Secretariat meetings and all
             workshops, in collaboration with the Secretariat, and in particular, with the
             Post-Cursillo representatives.

    10.    Maintains communication with diocesan Cursillistas especially Secretariat
             members; e.g., submitting articles through the diocesan newsletter, the ARK,
             emails, attending diocesan Ultreyas and other Cursillo events.

    11.    Maintains contact with national and regional levels by attending or sending
            representatives to national and regional meetings. In collaboration with
            Secretariat, especially Post-Cursillo, invites national and regional members
            to our diocese for the specific purpose of growth and knowledge of the 

    12.   Reads mailings from the regional and national Cursillo office.  Accesses the
            National Cursillo website regularly to keep abreast of what the Cursillo
            Movement is experiencing throughout the United States and abroad-its ups
            and downs, successes, growing pains and its joys!


The Assistant Lay Director is in training to become the next Lay Director, and thus assists the Lay Director in whatever areas are needed. A key responsibility area for the Assistant Lay Director is overseeing the vitality of area cores.  The Assistant Lay Director assumes the position of Lay Director should the need arise before the current lay director’s term expires.
                           -The Toledo Diocesan Cursillo Movement By-Laws, 2009 revision

Qualifications  The Assistant Lay Director will have extensive experience within the Movement, having served on Cursillo teams, area cores, and having held at least one Secretariat position.  He/she will exhibit a solid understanding and appreciation of the Movement and live the Cursillo methodology.  He/she needs to be willing and able to work with the lay director in a supportive role.

Apostolate The Diocesan Assistant Lay Directors’ primary role is to work alongside the lay director to protect and promote the Cursillo vision and mentality so that the diocesan movement in both the English and Spanish language groups remains authentic. He/she is to help encourage and promote the organization and methodology of both the Spanish and English arms of the Cursillo Movement within the diocese. The Assistant Lay Director serves in a spirit of love, and thereby accelerates the growth of Christian life in self, in Cursillo leaders, and in the Cursillistas of the Toledo Diocese.  The assistant lay director takes as a special apostolate the on-going revitalization vitality of area cores in the diocese.


     1.      Makes this role of leadership his/her prime apostolate.

     2.     Offers support to the lay director, works with him/her, and is ready to assist in
             any tasks delegated to him/her; e.g., formulating agendas, conducting meetings 
             or Cursillo closings, etc.

     3.     Along with the Lay Director, guides the diocesan Cursillo movement in
             accordance with the essence and purpose of the Movement, in tune with
             the pastoral plan of the diocese.

     4.     Oversees the functioning of area cores and works to revitalize area cores which
             have ceased functioning.  Collaborates with area Post- Cursillo counterparts in
             this endeavor.  The assistant lay director can be reimbursed for gasoline by the
             diocesan movement’s treasury.

     5.     Is a member of the School of Leaders and fosters a spirit of group reunion and a
             sense of community and purpose among the Cursillo leaders.

     6.     Is a discoverer of, and patron of leaders in the Movement

     7.     Under normal circumstances, prepares to assume the position of lay director if 
             called forth and affirmed by members of the Secretariat through a vote or 
             process of consensus.

     8.     Accesses the National Cursillo website regularly to keep abreast of what the
             Cursillo Movement is experiencing throughout the United States and abroad -
             its ups and downs, successes, growing pains and its joys!


The Spiritual Advisors oversee the spiritual needs of the Secretariat and the Movement.  The Spiritual Advisors, who are appointed by the bishop, maintain a link between the Movement and the bishop’s office.  To insure proper spiritual assistance to the Movement, the Spiritual Advisors are responsible for acquiring other priests, vowed religious and deacons to assist with the doctrinal talks at the School(s) of Leaders, the spiritual advisor sessions during the Cursillo weekends and the Spiritual Advisor’s role during the Ultreyas.  The Spiritual Advisors should continually challenge the other Secretariat members to discern, in all their activities, God’s will instead of their own.  
   -The Toledo Diocesan Cursillo Movement By-Laws, 2009 revision

Qualifications   Priests, vowed religious and deacons, preferably those who are familiar with the Cursillo Movement, may serve as spiritual advisors on the diocesan level, in areas, and on Cursillo weekends.

Apostolate   The spiritual advisors’ ministry is threefold.  It is a mission of teaching, of grace and a witness of presence.

     1)     Teaching:  Spiritual advisors are to share the Good News of Christ and to guard the doctrinal soundness of the message being proclaimed, whether at the School of Leaders, Secretariat, Cursillo weekends, etc.  The message must always be proclaimed in a way that is in keeping with the kerygmatic approach of Cursillo. 

     2)     Grace:  In their ministerial capacity spiritual advisors are to be human instruments through whom Christ calls the faithful to a life of conversion and evangelization.  By the witness of their lives, as well as through their spiritual direction, they are to encourage their brothers and sisters to be open to the transforming power of God’s grace.

In the case of the priest spiritual advisor, this ministry includes offering himself as a conduit of grace whereby the faithful may partake of the sacramental life of the Church.

     3)     Witness:  In their witness capacity, spiritual advisors are to embody a life wholly given over to the service of God.  By their presence and aided by their particular personality, talents, and charisms, they inspire, support and challenge Cursillistas.

Tasks   The following functions flow from this ministry:

  1. Pre-Cursillo: 
    1. To inspire, guide and work with other Cursillo leaders in searching out environments;
    2. To provide that “official touch” in persuading candidates or sponsors to follow through;
    3. To search his/her own religious environment for additional spiritual advisors to serve the movement;
    4. To meet with potential candidates when one spouse is not Catholic or not interested in participating in a Cursillo weekend and/or the movement.

  2. Cursillo:
        a.    To seek and assign two spiritual advisors (if possible) for each weekend,
               and to encourage them to participate in team meetings; 
               Currently Fr. Ed and Fr. Jim obtain the priest for both men’s and women’s 
               Alfredo will obtain the deacon for the men’s weekend; and Sr. Edna will
               obtain the sister for the women’s weekend.  
    The diocesan spiritual advisors will maintain a list of all spiritual advisors
                who have served on weekends.  
    (Weekend spiritual advisors are responsible for five talks, five meditations,
               the celebration of the sacraments, and availability for individual spiritual
        b.    To be leaders in prayer;
               Currently Alfredo will obtain the deacon to plan and lead the Saturday
               night holy hour for both the men’s and women’s weekend; 
               Fr. Ed and Fr. Jim will get the priest or deacon for the Sunday evening 
    Spiritual advisors will rotate the responsibility for doing the wrap-up at the
        c.    To represent the bishop in solidifying the movement’s connection with the
        d.    To faithfully teach the Catholic faith and assure sound Catholic teaching
               on the weekends;
        e.    To be a resource in decision making with the weekend spiritual advisors
               and rectors.

  3. Post-Cursillo (Fourth Day)
        a.    To attend Ultreyas and group reunion;
        b.    To be a resource and encouragement to the School of Leaders and 
                  *   To keep updated on the theology and growth of the movement and 
                      the people in it;
                  *   To faithfully teach the Catholic faith and assure sound Catholic
                       teaching in the School 
    of Leaders and throughout the movement;
                *  To select, in conjunction with School of Leaders and Secretariat, the
                      study material for 
    the doctrinal/spiritual presentations;
                  *   To obtain presenters for the doctrinal/spiritual talks at each School of
                      Currently Sr. Edna will make out the schedule of presenters.
                  *   To give the section report at each Secretariat meeting.
        c.     To assume a teaching role in the newsletter (ARK), at general secretariat
                meetings, etc.
                  *  To write a monthly letter for the ARK and website.
                     Currently this responsibility rotates among the spiritual advisors, or is
                     delegated to 
    another spiritual advisor.  Sr. Edna will make and publish
                     the schedule.
        d.    To provide sacramental ministry at Cursillo functions; e.g., Mass at annual
               Cursillo picnic, Reconciliation opportunities during team meetings, etc.
        e.    To oversee the selection of a spiritual advisor for a Cursillo area;
        f.     To communicate with the bishop regarding the diocesan movement.

  4. Palanca
        a.     To emphasize and model the vital role of prayer and palanca in the


The Rectors, respectively, of the Spanish and English Schools of Leaders will convoke, preside at, prepare and direct all activities relating to their respective School of Leaders.  Upon the recommendations of the Secretariat, the Rectors of the Schools will determine the doctrinal and technique presentations, as well as presenters, for the Schools. The Rectors of the Schools will ensure that all the essential elements of the School are maintained, for continual growth of its participants.                                          
                           - The Toledo Diocesan Cursillo Movement By-Laws, 2009 revision

Qualifications   The Rectors will have extensive experience within the Movement, having served on Cursillo teams, area cores, and having held at least one Secretariat position.  They will exhibit a solid understanding and appreciation of the Movement and live the Cursillo methodology.  They need to be willing and able to work with all members of the Secretariat.

Apostolate   The rectors are to serve the School in its role as reunion and Ultreya leaders.  They are to promote the growth in understanding of the movement, especially in overseeing the selection of study material for the Schools.  Special attention is to be given to the discovery of potential leaders for Secretariat positions.


  1. Rector the School of Leaders as a meeting in which leaders form an effective team by study, work, prayer, and personal contact.

  2. Follow the format for the School of Leaders as directed by the Secretariat.  Allow time for prayer, song, group reunion, study and personal contact.  Keep the School of Leaders on track and on time.

  3. Arrive early, unlock the doors, set up for coffee, etc., replenish the supplies as needed, and tidy up afterwards.

  4. Be sure that Christian formation and technique are both included in the School by seeing that presenters are obtained for each talk.

  5. By the 9th of each month deliver to the editor of the ARK and webmaster the topics and names of presenters for the next School of Leaders, as well as any information about the content that is available, in order to promote interest and attendance.

  6. Equip leaders of the movement through their participation on Cursillo teams, the area cores, and diocesan secretariat positions, in addition to grouping and Ultreyas.

  7. In January of each year be advised which members of Secretariat will be completing their term June 30th, and surface potential replacements through the School.

  8. Study the Cursillo literature to insure the authenticity of the diocesan movement.

  9. Keep in mind that the School of Leaders is, above all, a group reunion.


The Chairpersons, respectively, of the Spanish and English Pre-Cursillo Section, assisted by their area core counterparts, insure that the Movement maintains its focus on the various environments within the diocese.  Continual efforts must be exerted in order to identify key environments and the influential people within those environments.  The Chairpersons of the Pre-Cursillo section further insure that proper procedures are in place to insure a smooth transition from the Pre-Cursillo to the Post-Cursillo by way of the Cursillo weekend.   
The Toledo Diocesan Cursillo Movement By-Laws, 2009 revision

Qualifications  The Diocesan Pre-Cursillo section chairperson will have some experience within the Movement, having served on Cursillo teams and area cores. He/she will exhibit a solid understanding and appreciation of the Movement and live the Cursillo methodology.   An attitude of hospitality is important; he/she must be able to interact positively and non-judgmentally with sponsors and potential candidates.  Ideally, this person will have basic computer skills.

Apostolate   The Pre-Cursillo Chairpersons of each language group are to provide assistance and give encouragement to the Area Pre-Cursillo Chairpersons in their endeavor to Christianize environments. The overall objective of the Movement is to select candidates who offer hope of being an active member of the Mystical Body of Christ, to give Christian tonic to the environments. Diocesan Pre-Cursillo chairpersons must be a continuous link between the Cursillo leaders and the various core groups to pass along encouragement in making a friend, being a friend, and bringing that friend to Christ. The Chairpersons need to be available in a service capacity to the candidate and the sponsor, assisting the sponsor in bringing a candidate to the weekend.

    1.     Support and assist the various area core groups and join the lay leaders in
            studying and passing on vital and authentic information in the Cursillo

    2.     Be available to, and keep in personal contact with, the Pre-Cursillo Chairperson
            in the various core areas on a quarterly basis.

    3.     Receive applications from the area Pre-Cursillo Chairpersons. If the application
            is not complete, contact the sponsor for clarification.  When the application is
            complete, keep it on file until the candidate either makes the weekend,
            withdraws interest or up to three years.  

    4.     In the event that the suitability of a candidate is questioned, contact one of the
           diocesan spiritual advisors for advice.  Communicate with everyone involved.

    5.     Issue a letter of invitation to the weekend to all candidates approximately 4
            weeks prior to the scheduled weekend. This provides the candidates with
            their first official contact with the Cursillo movement. Candidates are to
            return postcard with "yes" or "no".

    6.     Send a letter to each sponsor acknowledging receipt of the application and
            reminding them of their responsibility to their candidates, insuring the
            movement that the sponsor is living the method. Inform the sponsor of the
            time and place for the Sponsors'/Fourth Day Ultreya on Thursday when
            he/she drops off the candidate(s).  

    7.     Notify the Fourth Day community via the ARK and Prayer Vine, of the candidates
            coming to the Cursillo weekend, giving the names of the candidates, their parish
            and the name of the sponsor.  

    8.     Send a copy of each candidate’s application to the rector two weeks before the

    9.     Organize and conduct the Sponsors’/Fourth Day Ultreya on the Thursday night
            of a Cursillo weekend.

   10.    Send to the ARK, Communication chairpersons and Cursillo chairpersons:
           1) a list of candidates’ names, street addresses, and emails;
           2) a list of sponsors’ names, street addresses, and emails.


The Chairpersons, respectively, of the Spanish and English Cursillo Section, assisted by their area core counterparts, insure that every element of the Cursillo weekend is directed to properly forming and educating the candidates who attend those weekends.  This includes such things as: 1) team selection; 2) team preparation; 3) reserving the site for team meetings; and 4) providing necessary supplies for team meetings.                  
The Toledo Diocesan Cursillo Movement By-Laws, 2009 revision


Qualifications   The Diocesan Cursillo section chairperson will have significant experience within the Movement, having served on Cursillo teams in a variety of positions.  He/she will exhibit a solid understanding and appreciation of the Movement and live the Cursillo methodology.  He/she will have the skills and willingness needed to convene the rector, assistant rector and spiritual advisors to give them the basic instructions in planning for a Cursillo weekend.


Apostolate   The Cursillo Section is a bridge between Pre-Cursillo and the Fourth Day. This ministry position involves knowledge of the movement in its entirety, praying for the Movement and doing on-going Palanca. The chairperson is responsible to see that the weekend is conducted according to official Cursillo literature without becoming cluttered with ‘extras.’  This is a ministry of service to the teams in preparation.                                                             




1.     Periodically put a notice in ARK inviting Cursillistas to serve as team members.

2.     Encourage living the method in order to work on a team.

3.     Receive team applications from area cores or direct email contact from interested persons, and keep on file. Instruct them to find a team application on diocesan Cursillo website:  www.toledocursillo.org and to send it to the area Cursillo chairperson, or in his/her absence, directly to you as diocesan Cursillo chairperson.

4.     Note on application when the person serves on a team and in which position. (This provides a good record of experience for selecting potential assistant rectors in the future).

5.     Make initial contact with rector and assistant rector and inform them of spiritual advisors assigned to this weekend.  Invite spiritual advisors to initial meeting if they are able to attend.  It is also recommended that the rector and assistant rector of the most recent weekend be invited to give practical advice.

6.     Distribute the rectors’ manuals to the rector and assistant rector in a face-to-face meeting at least nine months prior to a weekend they will lead.  Items to cover:                                

a.     Walk through the main sections of the manual with them to be sure they understand the responsibilities they are assuming in this role of service and the procedures they will need to follow.     

b.     Notify rector and assistant rector of typical number of team members needed;

c.     Give a copy of applications on hand to rector and assistant rector.  Help them arrive at a good balance of more and less experienced team members and what special skills are needed, e.g., troubadours, professors, disciples, shepherds, etc.  

d.    Offer assistance in acquiring additional needed team members  

e.     Discuss scheduling team meetings and review what needs to be covered in team meetings   

f.      Inform rector and assistant rector of particular expectations of host site or recent changes in procedures.       

g.    Review basic principles for conducting a team meeting (e.g., personal contact, punctuality and time issues, preparation and organization, sharing responsibilities, prayer, etc. 

            h.  Answer any other questions they may have 


7.     Be in contact with Facilities Chairperson to assure that all arrangements have been made for team meetings and the Cursillo weekend regarding place, supplies, etc.

8.     Arrange for volunteers from the Fourth Day community to assist with Sunday lunch and clean-up.

9.     Assure that the assistant rector of the weekend returns all team manuals to the Cursillo storage room.

10.  Keep in close contact with the Area Cursillo Sections chairpersons, or contact persons.



The Chairpersons, respectively, of the Spanish and English Post-Cursillo Section, assisted by their area core counterparts, insure that every Cursillista within the Diocesan Movement has the opportunity to grow into their own Fourth Day.  This is accomplished by insuring a link between the Schools of Leaders and all the Group Reunions within the diocese.  Furthermore, the Chairpersons of the Post-Cursillo insure that an adequate number of Ultreyas (the source of linkage between the various Group Reunions) are available within the diocese.  The Chairpersons of the Post-Cursillo, in conjunction with the entire Secretariat, are also responsible for determining and scheduling necessary diocesan, regional, and national workshops. 
                           - The Toledo Diocesan Cursillo Movement By-Laws, 2009 revision

Qualifications  The Diocesan Post-Cursillo section chairpersons will have some experience within the Movement, having served on Cursillo teams and area cores. They will exhibit a solid understanding and appreciation of the Movement and live the Cursillo methodology.   Time and the willingness to travel to various areas are important.  These persons need to have good listening skills, be personable and influential, be recognized as leaders, and be aware of the needs of the Fourth Day community.

Apostolate    The Post-Cursillo (Fourth Day) chairpersons are to serve the Diocese by fostering strong Group Reunions and Ultreyas and thus helping the Cursillistas to persevere in living what is fundamental to being a Christian. The Fourth Day Chairpersons are so important because as the founder, Eduardo Bonnin noted, it is easy to convert people to Christ, much harder to get them to follow Him. Cursillo is basically a program of perseverance.


    1.     Concerning the Cursillo weekend:

·  Communicate with the spiritual advisors regarding the deacon for the
                  Saturday night Holy Hour and facilitate the Holy Hour
               ·  Ask a Fourth Day person to provide a witness for the service. (You may
                  want to check with the team for a possible witness)
               ·  Introduce the Assistant Rector or a team representative to speak to the
                  Fourth Day community present, giving a report on the progress of the
·  Direct the Fourth Day community to the Serenade following the Holy Hour 
               ·  Announce fellowship afterwards in the Palanca room

            Sunday Night:
               ·   Select the witness for the Apostolic Holy Hour and make sure he/she is 
               ·   Make sure song books for the Apostolic Holy Hour are available, and collect
                   them after.
               ·   Arrange the chairs, if necessary.
               ·   Facilitate the Apostolic Holy Hour. 
               ·   Invite the candidates to line up for the walk through after the Holy Hour
                   when introduced by the Lay Director. 

    2.     Bring to the attention of Secretariat the need to provide workshops and Fourth
            Day events.

Work with the Secretariat in planning and carrying out Workshops, and all Fourth
            Day activities, e.g., General Secretariat Days, Focus Days, Diocesan Ultreyas,

    4.     Keep in touch with the Area Fourth Day people in prayer and sharing several
            times a year. 

    5.     Offer whatever assistance is needed in the areas in group reunion and Ultreya.

    6.     Keep the Area Core Fourth Day chairperson informed about the movement in
            the diocese.

    7.     Join the lay leaders in studying and passing on vital and authentic information in
            the Cursillo movement through the School of Leaders. 


The Treasurer shall handle the financial matters of the diocesan Cursillo Movement. The treasurer will apprise the Secretariat to insure that the Movement is financially sound at all times, and see that all local, regional and national financial obligations are met.   
The Toledo Diocesan Cursillo Movement By-Laws, 2009 revision

Qualifications   The Diocesan Cursillo treasurer shall have knowledge of the Cursillo movement and Cursillo terminology, and appreciation for the purpose of Cursillo.  He/she will understand the concept of total stewardship, i.e., time, talent and treasure.   He/she will be a person of integrity, in keeping with Diocesan and Cursillo ministry practices.  He/she is familiar with the basics of bookkeeping, record keeping, and financial accountability.

Apostolate     Practicing good stewardship is a mandate of the Gospel. Stewardship acknowledges that everything we have comes from God’s generosity and nothing can be claimed as our own because of merit, skill, intelligence or entitlement.  The time, talent and treasure that we have been given is meant to be used for the furtherance of the Kingdom.  Stewarding the material resources of the Cursillo movement is a ministry of service.  The treasurer serves in a spirit of humility, carefully watching over and accounting for the contributions entrusted to the Cursillo community through him/her.

1.     Accepts the orders for needed materials from the facilities chairperson, or other
         members of Secretariat, processes the orders and makes the payments in a
         timely manner.

2.     Assures that a collection is taken up immediately before the Apostolic Holy Hour
         on Sunday night of a Cursillo weekend.  Treasurer will ask the lay director to
         make this announcement.

    3.     Receives, records, and deposits the money collected on Cursillo weekends,
         closings, and at other Cursillo functions.  Counts and records all money in the
         presence of a non-relative.

    4.     Pays bills and annual affiliation fees in a timely manner. 

    5.     Keeps accurate financial records and provides a monthly report, along with any
         financial recommendations, to Secretariat.

    6.     Reconciles bank statements.

    7.     Notifies Secretariat when a CD is coming due, to inquire about reinvesting or
         cashing out a CD.

    8.     Periodically makes Cursillistas aware of the grace of tithing time, talent and
         treasure to the Cursillo movement through articles in the ARK, announcements
         at closings, etc.  This may include information about bequests and other means
         of donation.  It may also include invitations for involvement as area core persons,


The Communication Chairperson(s), respectively, of the Spanish and English language groups, assisted by their area core counterparts, will keep the minutes of all meetings and see to it that they are distributed promptly to all who should receive them.  The Diocesan Communication Chairperson will oversee the website, the ARK, and the Prayer Vine, and insure that mailing and emailing lists are up to date. The Communications Chairperson will perform other duties usually connected with this position.          
                           - The Toledo Diocesan Cursillo Movement By-Laws, 2009 revision

Qualifications   The Diocesan Communications chairpersons will have significant experience within the Movement, having served on Cursillo teams and area cores. They will exhibit a solid understanding and appreciation of the Movement in all its facets and live the Cursillo methodology.  They must be familiar with all the diocesan positions or willing to learn these as soon as they accept this position.  They need to have computer skills and have access to a computer and internet to do correspondence. Writing and editing skills are needed if he/she is also the editor of the ARK.  This position requires persons with sensitivity to privacy issues (HIPPA).  It also requires sensitivity to the effect words can have on others, e.g., using words that invite rather than simply announce; words that encourage rather than blame or impose guilt, etc.

Apostolate   The Communication Chairpersons, English and Spanish, are to help Cursillistas minister to one another and to others by providing a verbal link, on a regular and ongoing basis, between Cursillo leaders on the Secretariat and the area cores and Cursillistas in general. With an ever-growing Cursillo community a regular and frequent means of written communication helps to link the diocese together in terms of ongoing formation to promote a more unified understanding of the purpose of the Movement. A diocesan newsletter provides Cursillo leaders with an opportunity to pass along words of encouragement, teaching and witness in the form of Holiness (Piety), Formation, (Study) and Evangelization (Action).


     1.     Assure that a monthly or regular diocesan newsletter is published by email. 
            Send hard copy of ARK to Cursillistas who do not have email. Postage can 
            be reimbursed.

     2.     Keep current a mailing list of people holding core positions and diocesan
             positions (Secretariat). Periodically make this list available through the ARK.
             Keep a current schedule of Spiritual Advisors assigned to write the monthly

Provide dates, time and place of future Cursillos, workshops and whatever is in
             the interest of the diocesan movement. 

Encourage Cursillo leaders to share their knowledge and experience in the
             newsletter in terms of Holiness, Formation and Evangelization. Encourage
             sponsors to see that their candidates get the newsletter.

     5.     Receive the monthly letter from a Spiritual Advisor to publish in ARK.  If no letter
             arrives, find some other spiritual message to help the Fourth Day grow in their
             holiness, formation or evangelization.

     6.     Assist the area communication people as needed.

     7.     Serve as liaison to Secretariat for the webmaster, the editor of the ARK, and
             the coordinator of the Prayer Vine.  
8.     By the 9th of each month review the Prayer Vine requests for the past month,
             condense them and send them to the ARK.

     9.     Take minutes at the Secretariat meetings, or delegate this responsibility.  See
             that pertinent information from the Secretariat meeting is published in the ARK
             and/or on the website.
    10.     Be a member of one of the Schools of Leaders. Take notes and create a
             summary for publication in the ARK or delegate this responsibility.


The Palanca Chairpersons, respectively, of the Spanish and English language groups will notify the national Cursillo office of upcoming Cursillo weekends or Cursillo workshops in the Toledo Diocese and request Palanca.  They will also keep the Diocesan Fourth Day community aware of the need to offer palanca for the continual growth of the Movement, for Cursillo weekends and workshops in other dioceses in the US and around the world.    Having requested and having been assured that the Fourth Day community is offering palanca; they will notify other dioceses of our prayers and palanca.     
- The Toledo Diocesan Cursillo Movement By-Laws, 2009 revision

Qualifications   The Toledo Diocesan Palanca chairpersons will have significant experience within the Movement, having served on Cursillo teams and area cores. They will exhibit a solid understanding and appreciation of the Movement and live the Cursillo methodology. They will have a particularly thorough understanding and appreciation of the nature of palanca and use a variety of means to keep educating the Fourth Day community and raising awareness of the need for palanca for the entire movement.  Writing skills will be a valuable asset.  They will have a spirit that is prayerful, personal, friendly and encouraging.

Apostolate    The ministry of the Palanca Chairpersons for the Toledo diocese is based on the writings of Bishop Hervas in his pastoral letter on the Cursillo. Bishop Hervas wrote, "It is necessary, therefore, to pray and sacrifice oneself for the spiritual and apostolic success of the (Movement). The miracles of God's grace are granted to confidant prayer, accompanied by sacrifice, not by knowledge or experience."


    1.     Instill in the Lay Leaders a concern for developing a spirit of prayer and
            self-denial in themselves and their environment.

    2.     Maintain communication with the Palanca Chairpersons of the Area Cores.

    3.     Educate the Fourth Day community about the need for on-going Palanca, and
            what palanca is i.e., the prayer and good works, not just a support letter.

    4.     Act as a liaison with the Cursillo Team and Area Core Palanca persons for
            specific palanca needs for the Cursillo Movement.

    5.     By the 9th of each month, send palanca requests to the ARK, e.g. for upcoming
            weekends - local, national, and international; for Church and civic needs, etc.
            Requests for palanca should be submitted to the ARK and to the national
            Cursillo office two months in advance of the weekend or other Cursillo event for
            palanca to be done on a timely basis.

    6.     Support and respond to the incoming palanca request from other Cursillo
            regions when possible and let the regions know our palanca needs.

    7.     Notify ARK editor of upcoming weekends or Fourth Day Workshops, etc. and
            request palanca.

    8.     Notify the national Cursillo Center of our palanca needs; i.e., weekend dates and
            our special needs. National Web Page can be accessed; www.natl-cursillo.org
            The Diocesan Web page is www.toledocursillo.org


The Facilities Chairperson shall be responsible for keeping an inventory of and maintaining all necessary supplies, for making initial contact with the host site,  and for the setting up and taking down of any Cursillo functions, English and Spanish.  During the weekend, he/she will oversee the facilities, assuring the comfort of the team and candidates.  
- The Toledo Diocesan Cursillo Movement By-Laws, 2009 revision

Qualifications  The Facilities Chairperson will have some experience within the movement, having served on Cursillo teams and area cores.  He/she should be dependable, have a good attention to detail and a good understanding as to what is needed, materially, to insure a successful Cursillo weekend or any other function of the Diocesan Cursillo Movement.  Flexibility and a willingness to work with others are also important. Additional assets are time, ability, lots of friends/co-workers.

Apostolate  The Facilities Chairperson is to serve the diocese by coordinating the people involved in a Cursillo function with the facilities and equipment available for their use in
putting on a Cursillo weekend and other Cursillo Fourth Day functions.  The importance of working together for Christ, toward a common goal, without selfish or personal satisfaction is the main objective. The facilities chairperson works with each team and makes him/herself available for any necessities and/or emergencies.


    1.     Remind Secretariat of the need to set weekends two years in advance.  With the
            agreement of Secretariat make reservations at the sites where Cursillo
            weekends will take place as soon as the preferred dates have been determined
            by Secretariat.  Communicate with the lay director and the rest of Secretariat
            once the date is confirmed with the site.

    2.     Reserve the place where all other Cursillo functions will be held and make
            arrangements as needed with the property owners (e.g., obtaining keys,
            inquiring about kitchen facilities, establishing arrival and departure times,
            inquiring about cost, etc.)  This task may be delegated.

    3.     Coordinate all set-ups, take-downs, and clean-ups for each Spanish or English
weekend or other Cursillo function.

    4.     Buy all food and kitchen supplies if necessary for a weekend, depending on the 

    5.     Communicate with rectors of the weekend if any special materials are needed.

    6.     Inventory all supplies after each weekend.

    7.     Make arrangements with the photographer.

    8.     Six to eight weeks before a Cursillo weekend, make sure there are enough
            crucifixes, Pilgrim Guides, Fourth Day Books, service sheets and group
            reunion sheets. Notify the treasurer when more need to be ordered from the
            National Cursillo Center.

    9.     Be readily available during Spanish or English weekends to take care of plant
            emergencies or other facility problems that may arise.




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