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Secretariat is normally held at Our Lady of the Pines, Fremont on the 4th Thursday of every month.  Meetings are held from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The Lay Director sends out the Secretariat Agenda before the meeting.  Secretariat members send their report to every Secretariat member by e-mail a couple days before the Secretariat meeting.  This gives everyone time to read the reports, plus this saves time at the meetings.  The Communications chairperson compiles these reports into one document and e-mails this document to the Secretariat members a day before the meeting.

Currently there are no known changes to this schedule.

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  It is well known to all, or at least it should be, that the Cursillo Movement is not just a weekend thing. It is a method for living and growing. It is a "movement", never stagnant.

            "While we define ourselves as a movement, the Cursillo Movement does have some organization in order for it to remain a movement and in order for it to achieve its purpose."( Our  Fourth Day-National Ultreya Publications)

            This makes sense doesn't it? After all, we have to be somewhat organized to put on our weekends, to communicate with one another about what is going on in our diocese as well as corresponding with the regional and national levels of the movement. Issues arise and decisions have to be made on an almost "daily" basis. The governing organization is the Secretariat.

            A good explanation of the secretariat also comes from the Our Fourth Day book.  It reads:

            "There is a structure of the movement on the local, regional and national levels. Its organization is meant to conduct and promote the movement and is considered essential in achieving its purpose. On the local level, the diocesan secretariat is the unit which has the responsibility from National Secretariat for the direction of the Cursillo Movement in a diocese, but only with the blessing of the local bishop. The diocesan secretariat is usually composed of a certain number of clergy and laity and is the implementing body for the Cursillo Movement in a diocese. It directs the operation of the movement within the Basic Policy for Cursillo Movements, which has been established by the National Secretariat, and in cooperation and in accordance with the wishes of the bishop in terms of pastoral planning."

            Maybe for some this sounds quite formal and you may picture a group of educated scholars sitting around the round table forming big ideas on a flip chart. I assure you your Toledo Diocesan Secretariat is far from this picture. In fact, we actually meet in a lower level room or board room upstairs at Our Lady of the Pines, Fremont once a month in casual clothes.  Usually taking notes on whatever notebooks or paper we have with us.  The Secretariat consists of our spiritual directors (Fr. Ed, Fr. Jim, and Sr. Edna), Dale Fair, Mary Beth Lavey, Annie Blum, Joe and Helen Coleman, Joan Alge, Carol Miller, Deb Bartlett-Karbowiak, Matt Hirt, Frank Celestino and Hispanic Representatives (Domingo & Mary Frances Ortega).  There are also Cursillistas who help out as a member on a team working with a head Secretariat chairperson; they are not required to attend Secretariat meetings.  Now a few of us may be educated, but if we are true scholars we are mostly Scholars of the Heart. And we are ALL pupils of Christ.  We generally deal with the issues of the moment.  We try to do this in accordance with how they effect, and how things should be dealt with, from the standpoint of the movement as a WHOLE rather than from any one individual or small group.  Since there are literally thousands of cursillistas in our diocese this approach is really necessary.  We also try to comply with and keep in touch with our Bishop and his pastoral plan.  We make suggestions and take ideas on how things can work or be done better.  We bring any issues from the fourth day to light and try to "solve and succeed" in dealing with these matters.  And lastly and most importantly, we PRAY A WHOLE BUNCH!!!  We rely on Christ in and through it all and always keep an ear turned in his direction.

            The Secretariat are all volunteers who believe in the Cursillo Movement and want to help keep it running smoothly and strong. If you are one of the fourth day and ever want to help, give one of us a call.  That is how you get here.  We're not voted in or grabbed from a line up.  We all just wanted to help, and here we are.

            So pray for your secretariat on all levels of the movement as we pray for all of you constantly!  And know that you are loved and welcome in whatever capacity you are willing to serve and be a part of in this community of believers.  After all, we are all unified in this one body of Jesus Christ now and forever! Ultreya!

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